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Healthcare Marketing: Social Media Lessons to be Learned from Target

Target has 5 million Facebook fans….. here are 5 social media lessons we can learn from their success.

Target, the third largest retailer in the nation, has 20 million fans and added over 2 million fans in one month.  But they have more than just a quantity of fans.  They also have very high engagement levels with their fans.  Morgan Arnold, reporting for Social Media Today reviewed Target’s social media success and offered 5 of their best practices, which can be very helpful to healthcare marketers.

1.    Keep messaging and delivery mechanisms simple and relevant to the customer.

Target is constantly attempting to craft tools and applications that not only facilitate interaction among online friends but also actually create new opportunities for transactions with the brand.  They create win-win situations that are useful and rewarding to their fans but also lead to transactions and engagement with the brand.

2.    Use Twitter as a tool to create conversations.

Many organizations use Twitter just to dispense information.  It is an outstanding medium for that but also to engage followers in conversations.  Additionally it’s a way to build buzz and launch new services.

3.    Whenever possible, say it with pictures.

Track Social’s recent white paper Optimizing Facebook Engagement showed that photos are the hands-down winner when it comes to boosting engagement scores.  Photos should be an integral component of the content brands post.

4.    Community Engagement = Social Engagement.

Involvement in the community will increase engagement on Facebook.  Any community involvement should be documented on Facebook as a means to create consumer involvement.

5.    Think Global, Post Local.

Always localize healthcare issues and news.  Use healthcare issues of the day but always explain what it means and how it impacts your local audience.

Healthcare marketers could learn from Target’s approach to social media.  Be relevant and engage the social space in ways that are meaningful, creative and mutually beneficial.

Healthcare Marketing: 5 Tips from Big Business for Better Social Media

Healthcare marketers can learn from big business about how to approach social media

An article in Social Media Today  outlined lessons than can be learned from big business about how to effectively use social media.   Here are the 5 lessons outlined:

 1.    Begin with the End in Mind

Have a goal and work backwards to accomplish the goal.   Know why you are using social media.  Pick a goal and prioritize your tactics to accomplish it.

 2.    Be a publisher first

Content is indeed king.   You are a content creator.  You create content. Every time you publish a social media update, email a newsletter or post a blog post you create content.  So to succeed you must publish.

3.    Understands what motivates your audience

People do not care about your hospital or organization.  They care about themselves.  Don’t create content around your hospital, your services lines or your accomplishments.  Create content for you customer.  Your audience determines content.  Understand them and the benefits your services provide for them.

4.    Don’t overemphasize tactics

Social media s a new way to connect with people and talk with them.  The key is your objective.  Strategy is your plan to accomplish the objective.  Tactics are tools.  They help you accomplish your objectives.  And nothing more.

 5.    Enable others to share your story.

Create opportunities for others to tell your story.  Empower them to do so, and always express your appreciation for what they have done.  Take the risk to let them say what they want.

Healthcare marketers can learn valuable lessons from the way big businesses uses social media. Most of our hospitals are not considered large.  But it doesn’t mean we can’t learn valuable lessons from big businesses.  Especially in regard for social media.