Our Story

In the south we love to eat, we love to laugh and we love to tell stories. With rich detail, careful timing and deliberate delivery, we know how to tell stories that entertain, inform, persuade and influence. As effective storytellers we realize the important role the audience plays, and deliver tales relevant to the listener – their age, experiences, opinions and background. And we are not just good talkers, but also good listeners, allowing the audience to help shape, alter, and guide the story as we go.

Advertising is storytelling. And marketers are storytellers. Like stories, advertising can inform, persuade and influence through headlines, copy and images. Like storytellers, marketers must understand the audience, and deliver a message not only relevant to the audience’s experiences and desires, but deliver that message via the most efficient and effective channel.  Effective marketers are like good storytellers and take into consideration input from the audience, confirming or adjusting the message and or the medium.

At TotalCom Marketing, we have had the pleasure of effectively telling clients’ stories for more than 30 years including some of the best healthcare facilities in the south.  True to our southern heritage we are a bit old-fashioned in the way we do business – we have a strong belief in delivering exceptional service and most importantly results. Maybe this is why we have enjoyed some client relationships that have lasted not just years – but decades.

What is your story? Southerners are known for great storytelling. We welcome the opportunity to help you discover and tell yours.

TotalCom Marketing is a full-service advertising agency specializing in healthcare and hospital marketing offering research, strategic planning, message and creative design, and media planning and buying of traditional, digital and social media. TotalCom Marketing has offices in Tuscaloosa and Huntsville, Alabama.