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Meet New Patients with Event Marketing for Hospitals

The best-performing hospitals from a marketing standpoint are hospitals that are active parts of their communities. That doesn’t just mean donating to the local park and recreation league or hosting a fundraiser. It also means getting out into the community through event marketing.

Event marketing involves taking your brand off campus to reach people where they are. It could be something as simple as having a table at a job fair or something more involved like hosting a charity event.

An event can be anything that takes place outside of the hospital that involves the public. (You can even host events inside the hospital, which is a good idea, but for this post we’ll focus on off-campus events.)

Here are a few great ideas for how you can get involved with the public in a positive way.

Host Health Classes and Seminars

People need to know more about their health, and hospitals have a duty to supply that information to their community.

Sharing health-related knowledge is a great way to meet new potential patients and convince them that your team is a trusted authority on whom they can rely whenever they need care.

Talk to local universities and community colleges. Work with local libraries. Find places where the public will be, so you can host a class, a series of classes, or just a talk. Plenty of community programs would love to hear from you.

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Give Back through Fundraisers

You can build strong partnerships with local nonprofits by helping them raise money. You can use your existing networks and your marketing program to raise awareness of the fundraiser and even contribute to hosting an event – such as a dinner, a 5K, or a chili cook off – for the nonprofit.

It’s a win not just for the nonprofit, but for your hospital and the community you serve. And it’s a great way to raise awareness for both your hospital and a good cause.

Go to Local Events with a Booth

All through the year, your area probably has tons of events, ranging from fairs and festivals to concerts, holiday celebrations, and other occasions.

Create a booth, load up on giveaways, get a great prize for a raffle, and show up for these events. It’s a great way to get the word out about your hospital in a friendly way. Attract people to your booth by offering giveaways like t-shirts, cups, lanyards, and other creative items, and get people to sign up for a raffle to win a nice prize. (This is a great way to get their email addresses, too!)

Event marketing for hospitals can be powerful. Get out into the community; you’ll extend your reach and get fantastic word of mouth exposure.

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Hospital Marketing: You Have a New CEO… Now What?

When an outgoing, gregarious new leader arrives in town as your hospital’s new CEO, it can be an exciting process to help them find acceptance in the community.

Some hospital CEO’s are from an accounting background and prefer to concentrate their efforts internally, but an outgoing personality who wants to be visibly active in the community can be an asset for a hospital. The CEO is more than an internal leader  but an external one as well and when he or she has an effective relationship with the community, this can prove beneficial for the hospital during emergency situations, legal issues, expansion plans, requests from the community, and of course from an imaging stand point

But what to do when the new leader arrives? The expected introductions to the hospital’s board and employees and the usual press releases and Chamber of Commerce events are certainly in order.

Consider Twitter updates (Can be sent from a another leader in the community if your hospital isn’t yet tweeting but another reason we should be building our Twitter followers) with links to your hospital’s website for more info on the just-arrived CEO. Other social media should be considered such as Facebook ads targeted to your market, and possibly a live video feed question and answer via Facebook.  YouTube videos of interviews or snippets “into the life” of the new leader and perhaps his family can also help build a relationship with the community.

Healthcare related fundraisers such as ones hosted for the American Heart Association, Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society, or Diabetes Walks all offer an important opportunity for the new CEO. This kind of personality can make inroads quickly in a community by supporting and attending arts organizations, fundraisers and gala events.  Often times smaller, more intimate settings and events should be considered as they offer the new leader more quality one-on-one time with community leaders.

Opportunities to Consider Sponsoring/Attending:

  • Gala fundraisers for local arts groups like the local museum of art, symphony, community theater or dance organizations.
  • Community-supported events hosted by organizations such as the Botanical Gardens, Land  Trusts, Green Initiatives or outdoor enthusiast events like bike clubs and hiking clubs.
  • Civic groups like Rotary Club. Lions Club, Jaycees or Jr League provide opportunities to network and show support for the community.
  • In smaller markets, involvement in high school sports and band booster clubs provide opportunities to meet families that are very active in the community.

Getting to know the community and making an impact through actual involvement can open doors quickly for a CEO who is so inclined. Converting marketing dollars to community event sponsorships can raise the profile of your new CEO as well as elevate the reputation of the hospital.  This can prove beneficial the next time the hospital needs the community’s or local political leaders’ assistance.