Healthcare Marketing: Brand Consistency Essential for Success

As the brand evolves and the marketplace changes the brand image must be consistent and strong.

Research is conducted, strategic analysis is developed and a hospital’s brand is introduced and executed.  The brand’s style, tone and message are established.  Everything is good.  And then over time, the market changes, the hospital changes and brand consistency starts to slip.

Every hospital changes.  There’s new facilities, expansion, increased staff, new services, improved technology.  The market changes.  The competition makes marketing adjustments.  So the emphasis for the hospital changes.  And unfortunately brand slippage occurs.

Over time the tone changes.  The primary message gets muttered and style becomes very inconsistent.  Even the corporate standards get compromised as enforcement becomes lax.  There is no brand relationship from one product line to another.  And brand equity is sacrificed.

This is not uncommon in hospital marketing.  So that over time a brand gets sacrificed.  And the consumer is confused at worse or develops brand complacency at best.

But hospitals that maximize their success over time maintain a strong brand consistency.  As growth occurs and change happens the brand is updated and integrated into all new areas of change.  The core message remains strong and consistent.  Tone and style may be updated but do not depart from the essentials of the brand.

Consumers need a clear and consistent brand.  They need a brand that is reliable and true.   Even as changes occur over time, hospitals that understand the importance of a consistent brand image will reap rewards in the marketplace.

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