3 Marketing Secrets Top Hospital Marketing Programs Know

Hospital marketing programs across the country often do things differently. After all, what works for one system will not necessarily work for another. With that being said, there are systems that have the most robust and effective hospital marketing programs in the nation, and they all seem to incorporate the same fundamentals and tricks of the trade.

Here, we will review three of the most common marketing secrets that these top programs know and implement as a way to distance themselves from their competition and build stronger brands in their communities.

Hospital Marketing Is an Investment, Not a Cost

The best-performing hospital marketing programs don’t necessarily spend the most money, or even the highest percentages of their revenue, on marketing. But they all understand that marketing is an investment, not a cost, and should have high priority on the hospital’s budget.

According to a study from the American Hospital Association, hospitals spend 0.7% of net patient revenues on marketing, on average. Some of the top-performing programs spend higher than the average, going as high as 2.3% of net revenue.

Granted, it’s not about just throwing more money at a problem. You have to invest it wisely, which means that you need some way to quantify success. This leads us to the next secret.

Top Programs Believe in Quantification, Measurement, and Analysis

No marketer in any industry should market “by feel” or “by their gut.” The best way to incorporate efficiency in your marketing program and to make sure you’re using your budget wisely and to maximum effect is to believe in quantifying and measuring everything.

Top hospital programs make decisions based on what the data tells them. They rigorously gather and analyze data on everything to create a more effective approach. This allows them to actually get more from the same budget, or get the same results by spending less. Or sometimes get more with less at the same time!

Even intangibles like patient satisfaction and patient loyalty can be measured. And you can certainly measure digital marketing initiatives and even traditional advertising. Gather data and commit to studying it for more success.

Your Personnel Are a Resource

Hospitals that do a great job of marketing know how powerful expertise can be, and they know how to use their personnel – the doctors, nurses, administrators, and technicians on their staff – to share that expertise.

It’s been proven time and time again that people prefer learning about people. They also place a lot of importance on what authority figures say. Showcasing your experts fulfills both roles.

Find your team members who are willing to contribute their knowledge and expertise. Involve them in the marketing process. Put faces on your outreach. Let potential patients connect with your team in a personal way. Also, the more you use your team as a marketing resource, the more successful your program will be.

By implementing these three secrets, you can bolster your marketing efforts and make your hospital’s marketing campaign more beneficial for your brand and your patients.

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