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Best Ways to Market Your Healthcare Facility and Standout

When potential patients do not have a recommendation from family or friends on what healthcare professional to use, they typically turn to conducting their own research online. This could entail using anything from the search engines to social media as long as the information they find is trustworthy and extensive.

Ensuring your practice is listed everywhere that potential patients are searching for your services online is the key to driving more traffic to your web properties and therefore, more foot traffic to your practice.

Create Content that Educates

Creating content that educates your audience is beneficial for SEO, driving long-term traffic from the search engines to your website overtime, but most importantly, producing and distributing quality content in the form of blog posts and articles helps give value to readers and build trust between your patients and your practice overtime.

Put yourself in the consumers shoes when you write your material and then ask the following questions:

  • Can I easily interpret the information?
  • Are the terms and definitions understandable, even if I was only 12 years old?
  • Is the content accurate and informative without being overwhelming?
  • Is the explanation sufficient?
  • Are all my questions answered?

Fun with Facts

It’s a fact that people like facts of all shapes and genres, especially in healthcare. Facts and statistics can be woven into certain types of content, such as infographics, to complement the information.

The true beauty, however, is the simplicity. Facts are short and to the point. They are easy to digest, easy to generate, easy to verify 

Video Marketing is Important

Last, but certainly not least, spend time on video marketing to really stand out. Offer testimonials from your patients, ensuring that they are genuinely interested in speaking on your behalf to make the effort as effective and authentic as possible. Create videos to introduce doctors and put a human touch to the faces patients will be seeing.

Utilize YouTube as a hub for your video marketing efforts online, then embed those videos throughout your website. YouTube is a search engine owned by Google, making your video content uploaded there discoverable from both the search results, your channel subscribers and wherever the video is embedded (like your website.)

Again, just like the written content being produced for your web properties, your video content must educate your audience on your expertise in the industry.

Marketing for the healthcare industry doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to think about who your target audience is and how best to reach them. Let us do the thinking for you. Contact TotalCom today to learn more about our healthcare marketing options.

Healthcare Advertising: Moms Face Up

Moms use social media more than average internet users

Are moms important to healthcare marketers?  If so, then you better get social.  Moms use social media to communicate, stay in touch with family and friends, exchange information, be entertained and a host of other reasons.  eMarketer estimates that 23 million US moms are on Facebook…moms with children under the age of 18 use the site at least once a month.  That’s well over two-thirds of all online moms in the country compared to just over 50% of all online users.

Overall 26.5 million moms use some sort of social media.  That’s almost 20% of all social media users.

Females are the primary decision makers when it comes to healthcare decisions, and moms are usually the chief decision maker for their family’s healthcare needs.  That being true, healthcare marketers need to get social.  Moms are on social media sites interacting and gathering information.  And of course they are extremely interested in health information for themselves and their families.

So we need to be engaging those moms where they are.  On social media sites.  It certainly requires work.  And it requires more than just setting up sites to post ads or promotions for the hospital.  It requires engagement.  It’s not easy.  It requires quality content.  It requires responsiveness.  And it requires the efforts and cooperation of more than just the marketing department.

Moms are definitely social.   They are proving it everyday online.  And it provides great opportunities to connect and build brand loyalty.  Healthcare marketers should take notice.