Marketing Your Hospital: Posting Prices and Quality Data on Your Website

Stethoscope with Money

Posting prices and outcomes on hospital website is a gutsy move yet one that has been beneficial for one hospital system –  to both the patient and the hospital.

Geisinger Healthcare System in Pennsylvania posts their prices and outcomes on their website so patients can compare outcomes on different procedures as well as  costs to other hospitals in the state and nationwide.

The hospital website links to a U.S Government site that allows comparisons of hospitals on several fronts including:

1.    Hospital Process of Care

2.    Hospital Outcome of Care

3.    Survey of patient’s hospital experience

4.    Medicare payment to hospital

5.    Number of Medicare patients treated

While most hospitals post some of these numbers, few actually post the “Outcomes of Care” and likely with reason. The comparisons are a great tool for the consumer when deciding on a healthcare provider. In addition, it’s an excellent way to promote and improve the hospital’s performance. This transparency is admirable and Geisinger obviously values performance results.



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