Marketing Your Hospital: Diagnostic Scheduling Made Easy Can Improve the Bottom Line

flouro open signReduced workforces mean heavier workloads for many so making diagnostics available to patients during non-work hours is a win-win situation for the patient and the hospital.

Businesses have cut many expenses during the economic downturn, and many have had to resort to cutting staff.  With these cuts brings an ever- increasing workload to those remaining employed, not to mention a sense of uneasiness and insecurity regarding employment. Many patients are reluctant to ask for time off to attend to healthcare matters including diagnostic testing that their doctors have prescribed.

Making diagnostic testing available during days and times other than the traditional work week allows for patients to take better care of their health. In addition, it can increase hospital revenue. Truly a win for both the patient and the hospital.

Some hospitals are doing this through:

  • Accessible and identifiable diagnostic center with easy parking.
  • Slightly extended hours on weekdays – opening at 7 am and closing at 7 pm.
  • Hours of operation including weekends.
  • Ease of scheduling with one phone call and one location to book everything from bloodwork to x-rays to a MRI.
  • Last minute scheduling options so that patients can get in on short notice

These are tough times for operations and costs for many businesses, including  hospitals, but making diagnostic services which are often product lines that suffer in a tough economy, more accessible  are critical moves to keep a healthy community and a healthy bottom line for your hospital.  


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