Hospital Marketing: Online Display Ads Improve Search Performance

Recent studies indicate that online banner ads dramatically improve search results for both paid and organic search.

Significant money is now being spent on internet display advertising.  Many have questioned the effectiveness of such expenditures.  However some recent studies have shown that online display ads are very effective and  in ways that were unexpected.

A recent study by the Atlas Institute, “Where Can You Find Your Customer: The Intersection of Search and Display” indicate that internet visitors who are exposed to both search and display advertising convert at a 22% percent higher rate than by search alone.

Similar results were revealed in a study by Comscore, “The Silent Click: Building Brands Online”. Comscore found that internet visitors exposed to display ads spend surprisingly 55% more time on the site and viewed 51% more pages than those not exposed to online display ads.

Yes organic search is still better than display ads for search but when display ads are combined with organic search the results are significantly better than with either one alone.  This means to maximize a brand’s effectiveness on the web, both search optimization for organic search and online display ads are essential?

Just like in traditional media, multiple exposures  over different media or venues increase effectiveness. The same is true for the web. A combined, integrated, coordinated marketing approach will yield the maximum results.


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