Hospital Marketing: Consumers’ Source for News Rapidly Changing

The internet is now used more than newspapers and radio as the source of news for Americans.  And how they receive the news is now more from mobile phones and social media.    

According to a study by the Pew Internet and Life Project, Americans have significantly altered the way they get news.  The most popular news sources are still national and local television.  But the internet has now surpassed newspapers and radio as a source for news.  Sixty percent of the respondents indicate they get news through the web.

The study found that sixty percent of Americans don’t have a single source for news. About half of the respondents access news from four to six sources in a single day. “They seem to access news when the spirit moves them or they have a chance to check up on the headlines”, stated the report.

Cecilla Kang, in an article in the Washington Post , cited from the report that described news consumption as “portable, personalized and participatory”.

  • 33 percent get news from mobile phones

  • 28 percent have a customized home page with news feeds

  • 37 percent have posted, linked, shared or commented on news stories on Facebook and other social networking sites.

The report also states the landscape continues to change with the internet and social networking increasingly becoming the preferred choice for getting news.

As hospital marketers seek to effectively communicate our messages to the media and the public, it’s clear that old strategies will not suffice. We must update our methods and develop new strategies that encompass the habits and behaviors of consumers.


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