Healthcare Marketing: We’re Going Mobile

With the increased penetration of smart phones, consumers are becoming more and more dependent on their cell phones for just about every form of communication.   This presents opportunities for companies, hospitals and brands to market themselves to consumers.

Over 82% of Americans now own a cell phone.  And 60% of those phones are less than a year old.  The increase in smart phones is growing exponentially.  And smart phones are equipped with more and more communication and information options. Soon the cellphone will be used for almost all forms of communication and information gathering – texting, emailing, internet search, GPS, electronic coupons, and more.

Consumers are connected to each other and the world via their cell phones. This creates opportunities for brands to market themselves to consumers via mobile marketing. One of the compelling advantages for mobile marketing is its omnipresence. Frank Powell recently discussed omnipresence as one of the advantages of mobile marketing in an article in Mobile Marketer.  He cites that mobile phone users are within arm’s reach of their phone 90% of their waking hours.  And much of this time is when other media are not available. Mobile phones are not location-centric but are person-centric.  They are where the owner is.

Powell cites in his article two main reasons why mobile marketing can be so powerful

1. Customers can always be reached.

2. Customers can almost always be interrupted.

Although the invasive nature of cellphones cause heartburn for many people, it is a medium that cannot be ignored.  Just as social media has begun to be included in hospital’s marketing plans, we must turn our eyes to mobile marketing and be ready to take advantage of the unlimited opportunities it will offer.  Never before has there been a medium that is so ever-present with our customers and patients. And there has never been a medium upon which our customers and patients have been so dependent.


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