Healthcare Marketing: Six Deadly Sins of Hospital Social Media

Various attitudes toward social media can make our social media efforts dead on arrival.

Healthcare organizations are paying more attention to social media.  More and more organizations are experimenting with it.  But there is not universal consensus of its usefulness.  There are various attitudes among healthcare marketers toward social media.  Susan Giurieo writing for recently listed several social media mistakes made by healthcare organizations.  It’s worthwhile to review some of the mistakes she mentions.

1. Avoidance

Many healthcare marketers wish social media didn’t exist.  It is confusing to them and is a distraction.  The problem is that millions of people (500 million on facebook) are engaged in social media.  To ignore this audience is not a wise decision.

2. Fear

After avoidance, many healthcare marketers accept social media because they have to but resent it and fear it. It’s new. It’s different.  It has risks and uncertainties.  Therefore some fear it. Instead we should embrace it.  Learn how it can be effective.  And welcome the opportunities and possibilities it offers.

3. Sloth

Doing social media requires work. A lot of work.  Some marketers are just not willing to invest the time to learn how to do it effectively.  But most good things require work.  Effectiveness does not come easy.

4. Narcissism

Many debunk social media because they think it’s trivia and personal.  The truth is “social media is not about you.”  Instead it’s about building relationships, and helping others.

5. Selfishness

Again, “social media is not about you.”  It’s about sharing and giving.  It’s not about pushing a personal agenda or a corporate agenda.  Instead it’s about providing useful information, resources and help.

6. Lack of imagination

Sometimes we finally accept social media and begin to use it. But we do it half-heartedley. Without much thought or imagination.  And the full potential is never realized.

Social media is far-reaching and powerful.  It can be used to inform, educate, build relationships and improve lives.  But only if we embrace it and use our creativity and ingenuity to maximize the possibilities.


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