Healthcare Marketing: Creative Messages Motivate

With all the changes in the world of advertising, it’s important to remember, creativity is still king.  Creative messages still have impact and motivate consumers. 

The advertising business has changed so much during the past few years.  New media, social media, analytics, ROI, SEO, social marketing, internet marketing, viral marketing, media fragmentation and a host of other terms and phases are the hot topics.  They have each impacted the way we approach advertising and what we emphasize. There are so many things to occupy our attention and demand consideration.

Currently one of the hottest, “hippest” television shows is “Madmen.”  It’s about an ad agency and advertising back in the 60’s.  It is a fascinating show.  It is also quite appalling as it depicts attitudes and stereotypes and behaviors of that day.  But there is one thing that rings very loud and clear in these episodes: the creative is the most important thing.  And while we are all thankful many things have changed from the 60’s this is one thing that shouldn’t.  It’s still about the creative.  Not that other things are not important, they certainly are.  But creativity is the still the big stick.

There are at least 4 reasons why creative is still the heart of the business:

1. Creative is unique.   Lots of people and businesses can do ads but it the idea that separates the great ones from the not so great.   Ads are a commodity but ideas are unique and differentiate your brand.

2. Creative builds affinity with the brand. Great creative establishes a bond between the brand and the consumer.  Consumers are skeptical today and don’t trust marketers.  But great creative helps overcome those obstacles.

3. Creative rallies people. Great creative can be a great motivator.  Remember the anti-litter campaign for the state of Texas…”Don’t Mess With Texas!”  Launched in 1985, it is credited with reducing litter 72% in the state.

4. Creative is beautiful.  Great creative transcends advertising and can become art.  It can inspire, thrill, motivate, and create a sense of wonder.  It can affect a culture.

Advertising has certainly changed but the power of great creative hasn’t.  It endures.

Complete these sentences:

Just __   __!

Got _____?

The chocolate melts ____  ____  ____.

You deserve a _____  _____.

A ______ is forever.

I’d like to teach _____  ______  __  ____.

I can’t believe I ate ___  ______  _____.

Pop, pop, ____  ____.

These are all advertising slogans.  Great creative.  And although some of them are years old, I bet you remember them.  Great creative is like that.  It is the heart of our business.  It transcends everything else.


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