Healthcare Advertising: TV Viewship Down. Ad Sales Up. Why?

Although viewership is down, advertisers still flock to TV because they are finding it to still be extremely effective.

More people are turning their televisions off but ad sales are continuing to soar.  A few years ago experts were saying TV was becoming a thing of the past and it would suffer a cruel fate of irrelevance.  But it hasn’t happened.  Even though there are fewer viewers in some demographics, those who are watching are watching longer.  And the older market is still very TV loyal.  Over 96% of US households own a television and they continue to watch it.

The death of television was drastically overstated.  Advertisers continue to utilize TV to market their product or services.   Over one third of all advertising dollars this year will be spent on television.  Despite the upsurge of the internet and social media, television still provides broader reach than any other medium.  And it can also provide more targeted marketing with the vast array of cable networks. Advertisers are finding television still builds brands and sells products.  Its effectiveness can’t be denied.

Consumers are spending more time on the internet yet their ad sales are struggling overall.  More and more time is being spent on mobile phones but mobile ad sales are only fraction of the advertising market.   True, advertisers are still learning how to effectively use new mediums but it’s also true that traditional advertising still works.

Advertisers are finding that a combination of television and internet is a powerful combination.   Television is good at getting you to know about a product or service, like it, want it and buy it.  The internet is good at helping you find more information, find where to find the desired product or service and even at taking your order.  With televising and the internet you get the strong 1-2 punch of brand building and direct response.

Hospital marketers can learn from other industries.  While some say pull your ad dollars from television and other traditional mediums and catch the wave of new media and social media.  But is that smart?  Sure hospitals should have a presence online and be engaged in social media.  But at the complete sacrifice of traditional mediums?  No!  Television is still effective.  That’s way major advertisers are still sending large amounts of money there.  Nothing else can build and enhance a brand like television.  Nothing else can provide such broad reach.  And with the compliment of online to provide more info and close the sale, you have a very powerful media strategy.  

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