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Hospital Marketing: Want Satisfied Patients? Make Sure Your Employees Are Happy

smiling faceResearch indicates that highly satisfied employees deliver higher levels of patient satisfaction.

How do you create a successful marketing strategy to improve patient satisfaction?

1.   The latest technology.

2.   Remind employees to provide a high level of service.

3.   Having patient reps check with patients to address any needs or concerns. 

4.   Solicit feedback from patients and provide a process for dealing with issues of  concern.

5.  Implement quality initiatives throughout the hospital. 

All of these are extremely important.

But a recent study indicates that maybe the largest factor in patient satisfaction is employees who are highly satisfied with their job and work environment.  A study conducted by the University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University at a New York Hospital and commissioned by Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement indicated that patients have a higher level of satisfaction when their care is delivered by highly satisfied employees.  Forum President, Michelle Smith, stated, “In the healthcare industry, as in other service-related businesses, having engaged, empowered, loyal employees can lead to increased retention, lower costs, enhanced reputations and a profitable business picture.” 

Regardless, of all the quality initiatives imposed on employees, unless they are happy and satisfied with their job, patient experiences will not be good.  Happy employees deliver superior service.  In fact, the research indicated that patients are more likely to recommend a hospital to others if happy, satisfied employees treat them.

 It’s obvious isn’t it? A satisfied employee delivers better care. We really don’t need research to tell us that do we?   Even though it’s intellectually obvious, hospitals spend so much time and effort imposing guidelines and mandates and quality initiatives without investing in employee job satisfaction.  Certainly the emphasis should be on the patient.  But there must also be a strong emphasis on employee satisfaction. 

  • Creating the right environment
  • Encouraging and empowering employees
  • Honoring and recognizing outstanding employee service
  • Demonstrating genuine concern and interest in employees

These things pay huge dividends!

Competitive salaries are important but ALL the components that create employee satisfaction must be emphasized.

Want to provide a high level of patient care and better patient experience?  Do everything possible to make employees happy.  It will be an investment that will pay rich dividends for the patient and the hospital.