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Marketing Your Hospital: Flavor Your Ad with the Doctors’ Personality

Doctor isolated on white background

In small to medium size markets, doctors are often high-profile in the community and there’s a genuine interest in knowing their backgrounds and experiences. Your hospital’s ads can tell their stories. 

Sometimes doctors return to their hometowns to set up their practices with a welcoming community but more often than not, they are recruited to towns and cities where patients have more than a little curiosity about their potential doctors.

Having grown up in a small town in Alabama, most people either know you or know about your family. Small towns have a sometimes intrusive, but often endearing, interest in their high-profile citizens and doctors definitely fit that category.

I’ve used this strategy of highlighting a doctor’s background many times in the past. It works. Doctors that only practice or primarily practice at your hospital are good candidates and patients will remember them when their services are needed.

Examples of copy points to consider:

  • Where they went to medical school and did their residencies-particularly for well-respected and well-known programs
  • Any fellowships they completed in addition to their residency.
  • Any awards or honors they have received.
  • Let your copy introduce them as local, if that’s the case
  • Include previous experience, be it military service, mission work or providing care at the local free clinic.
  • Milestones such as having completed over 1000 carotid artery stent procedures or 500 successful total hip replacements.
  • Use doctors’ photos in interesting and creative ways.

Your hospital advertising provides a great opportunity to let the community know about their local doctors and in turn develops loyalty to the hospitals where they are on staff.