Healthcare Marketing: Six Steps to Break Through Social Media Clutter

Here are six basic strategies for using social media effectively without being overwhelmed. 

Healthcare marketers are wading in and getting their feet wet in social media.  There is a very large audience on social media and many of them are open to establishing meaningful and useful relationships with brands.  Especially around topics that are important to them.  And healthcare is certainly one of them.

But there is so much noise in social media.  Like practically all mediums, it’s difficult to be noticed, to be heard above all the noise.  And marketers are also finding, as they begin to utilize social media, it can be all consuming.  It can become a monster that constantly needs to be fed.

So how can you establish or enhance your brand and build meaningful relationships, breaking through the clutter but not letting it consume you?  Dave Olsen, the Community Marketing Director at HootSuite,, writing for, outlined several tips for social media effectiveness.  Here are six strategies drawing from his comments.

1.    Start by Listening

Listen to those active on social media.  Listen to what they are saying.  Learn about their desires, concerns, behaviors and attitudes.  Listen with a discerning ear to learn.  And you can respond to relevant comments with advice, information, tips, concerns, etc.  Do not try to sell.  Just engage them when appropriate.

2.    Reach out to Influencers

Engage those who can be influencers.  Build relationships with them and then ask them to share their experiences with others.

3.    Instant Focus Group

You can get instant feedback to just about any question you may have.   New service, proposed changes, patients’ concerns can all be discovered by asking for feedback.  It can provide very valuable input.

4.    Learn about Competitors

Listen to what’s being said about your competitors.  Set up a system to retrieve comments being made about your competitors.  This information can be very helpful intelligence alerting you to changes, new initiatives and issues concerning your competitors.  And it can help you identify new opportunities.

5.    Early Warning System

Rumors, negative comments, criticism, bad reviews can all be very damaging.  You need to be listening to the conversations and weigh in appropriately.  By being aware of what being said about your brand, you have the opportunity to address falsehoods, correct misconceptions and squelch rumors.

6.    Play Party Host

There are all types of people who comment on social media.  Your role is to keep the conversation going.  Make sure everyone is civil and behaves appropriately.   Create the tone.  Make sure it’s helpful and consistent with your brand.

These tips are simple strategies that can help you utilize social networking sites.  They can be implemented without requiring a burdensome amount of effort – but yet be very effective.


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